Ignore Properties

By default, when using the Lift trait, the model will ignore some public properties, that are "internal" properties, by being handled by Lift.
If you want to add additional properties to be ignored, you can use the IgnoreProperties attribute:
use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model;
use WendellAdriel\Lift\Attributes\Fillable;
use WendellAdriel\Lift\Attributes\IgnoreProperties;
use WendellAdriel\Lift\Attributes\PrimaryKey;
use WendellAdriel\Lift\Attributes\Rules;
use WendellAdriel\Lift\Lift;
#[IgnoreProperties('hash', 'hash2')]
final class Product extends Model
use Lift;
public int $custom_id;
#[Rules(['required', 'string'], ['required' => 'The Product name can not be empty'])]
public string $name;
public string $hash;
public string $hash2;