The DB class attribute allows you to customize the database connection, table and timestamps of your model. If you don't set any of the attribute parameters, the default values will be used.
use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model;
use WendellAdriel\Lift\Attributes\DB;
use WendellAdriel\Lift\Attributes\Fillable;
use WendellAdriel\Lift\Attributes\PrimaryKey;
use WendellAdriel\Lift\Attributes\Rules;
use WendellAdriel\Lift\Lift;
#[DB(connection: 'mysql', table: 'custom_products_table', timestamps: false)]
final class Product extends Model
use Lift;
#[PrimaryKey(type: 'string', incrementing: false)]
public string $uuid;
#[Rules(['required', 'string'], ['required' => 'The Product name can not be empty'])]
public string $name;