The Config attribute allows you to set your model's public properties configurations for the attributes: Cast, Column, Fillable, Hidden, Immutable, Rules and Watch.
use Carbon\CarbonImmutable;
use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model;
use WendellAdriel\Lift\Attributes\Config;
use WendellAdriel\Lift\Lift;
final class Product extends Model
use Lift;
#[Config(fillable: true, rules: ['required', 'string'], messages: ['required' => 'The PRODUCT NAME field cannot be empty.'])]
public string $name;
#[Config(fillable: true, column: 'description', rules: ['required', 'string'])]
public string $product_description;
#[Config(fillable: true, cast: 'float', default: 0.0, rules: ['sometimes', 'numeric'], watch: ProductPriceChanged::class)]
public float $price;
#[Config(fillable: true, cast: 'int', hidden: true, rules: ['required', 'integer'])]
public int $random_number;
#[Config(fillable: true, cast: 'immutable_datetime', immutable: true , rules: ['required', 'date_format:Y-m-d H:i:s'])]
public CarbonImmutable $expires_at;